PC and Laptop Computer Repairs Borehamwood

Commercial and Domestic PC Repairs

PC and Laptop Computer Repairs BorehamwoodAs a specialist in PC repairs in Borehamwood, we can offer our customers a seamless service where we’re able to provide our customers with a cost-effective solution for their PC repairs in Borehamwood for both commercial and domestic repairs.

Many computers experience day to day problems, especially when surfing the internet. The internet is full of potential viruses and malware which can infect your computer without you knowing.

Without such support, your computer could become slower than usual and start to become a problem when using the machine. Our services provide you with a go-to professional who can help you diagnose your problem fast and provide you with a solution to remove or repair software that is causing you the issue.

For more information please contact our team on 0203 371 1700 or email us on info@aapcfix.co.uk

Are you Experiencing PC Computer Problems?

Computer problems are frustrating, and sometimes the problem isn’t always obvious, which is why we offer a professional service to help you find and diagnose the problem at hand. Here are some of the common problems we encounter:

  • Slow Loading – Slow loading computers is a sign that your memory is full, or there is a virus that is using your computer ram to perform tasks.
  • Computer Won’t Turn On – This is usually a problem with the power supply or a faulty component inside the machine.
  • Blue Screen – A blue screen is a serious issue. It needs a professional who can help you understand what is causing the problem.
  • Pop-Ups – Pop-ups are a common problem when using the internet. They tend to infect your computer and start to generate new windows, which can be advertising services.
  • My PC Won’t Connect To The Internet – When a pc won’t connect to the internet, there could be a component or software issue that is stopping it from picking up a wifi connection.
  • Computer Keeps Restarting – If your computer is restarting by itself or stuff in a restart loop, there could be a problem with your computer boot-up process.
  • Computer Turns off by Itself When in Use – this could be a sign that your computer is not cooling itself properly and could cause damage to the internals, the computer will switch off if it gets too hot to protect the internals and avoid a fire.

Remote Business IT Support

If your business has a lot of computers, remote business IT support is an essential service. Remote IT services do not need to visit your place of work to identify the problem you’re experiencing and can often be dealt with via a team viewer or a similar piece of software that lets us use your machine from a remote location while we find what is causing the issue.

Data Recovery and Installation

Lost some important documents on your pc or laptop? AA PC Fix can help you locate the missing files which have disappeared. Our services provide you with a go-to person when you may have accidentally deleted information that you are unable to get back yourself or lost information in a transfer of machines from one hard drive to another.

PC and Network Installs

Get a professional to help you install a network system into your home or business. Our team can help you choose the right machine and network system for your home or business and quickly install the network and PC’s to get your business up and running with a new complete system.