PC and Laptop Computer Repairs Northwood

Commercial and Domestic PC Repairs

PC and Laptop Repairs NorthwoodProviding commercial and domestic PC repairs in Northwood. AA PC Fix is a reliable company who can quickly assist you with your PC or Laptop repair in Northwood. All our technicians are fully qualified and can quickly diagnose problems with PC and Laptop on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Our staff are highly trained in customer service and PC support giving our customers an unmatchable service in Northwood. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly resolve any issue you’re are experiencing or provide you with a repair which is affordable.

We also provide our customers with maintenance services to ensure the performance of your machine is optimal. This involves the removal of suspicious software which could be hampering the performance of the machine. Running regular maintenance on your PC or Laptop can reduce the amount of support you’d require and extend the lifespan of the machine.

Are You Experiencing PC Computer Problems?

All PC’s and Laptops will someday encounter an issue which will hamper the performance of the machine. If you’re running a company you want to ensure that your PC’s and Laptops are fully functional which can increase the productivity of your workers.

We have created a list of common issues that PC’s and Laptops our customers experience:

Slow Loading – A slow loading machine can be a sign that there is something is hampering the performance of the machine. It can be caused by a wide variety of issues such as insufficient disk space or too many tasks are being performed at once.

Computer Won’t Turn On – If you’re experiencing a problem with turning your machine on then it could be a sign that there is a problem with the power pack or a component.

Blue Screen – A blue screen can be caused by a wide range of issues including faulty OS systems. it is usually a sign that the software has become corrupt.

Pop-Ups – Are caused by malware which hampers the use of a browser and will load in multiple windows usually that reappear once one window is closed down.

My PC won’t Connect To The Internet – If your PC is experiencing connection issues to the internet it could be a sign that there is an issue with the network card or software problems which is stopping you from connecting to the internet.

Computer Keeps Restarting – If you’re experiencing issues with your computer restarting by itself, it could be a problem with the cooling system or a build-up of dust within the machine itself.

Remote Business IT Support

Are you looking for remote business IT support in Northwood? Look no further than AA PC Fix. We’re able to quickly analyse your PC performance and find what the cause of the issue is through remote IT support. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure that they’re providing fast and effective support to all our customers.

Data Recovery and Installation

AA PC Fix can help you recover lost data on your machine and provide you with a software installation service which keeps your machines up to date.

PC and Network Installs

Our technicians can help you install both large and small networks for a wide variety of company sizes. We can undertake this work both in and out of working hours to minimise disruption to your company.