Emergency IT Support

There is nothing more annoying than trying to work on a computer that is just not responding as it should, which usually seems to happen when a deadline is imminent or a presentation needs to be completed. In these instances, it may be necessary to call on emergency IT support to solve the problem and get the computer working as it should again.

While some companies specialise in PCs and some in Apple Mac support, London has the benefit of receiving a reactive and responsive emergency service from AAPC Direct that covers a variety of technologies. From virus removal to tablet repair, any IT emergency that crops up can be dealt with in a timely manner by our highly experienced engineers; we are at your disposal.

Some issues can be solved over the telephone, with a technical advisor talking through the problem step by step with the customer to rectify the issue. Other problems may need to be dealt with remotely, which is where the technician gains access to the computer and fixes the problem themselves, all with your permission and complete transparency. The user will be able to watch what the technician does as they work to make the system usable again.

Some emergencies cannot be dealt with over the telephone or remotely; these will require an engineer to visit the location to replace a part or to carry out an upgrade to the system. But whatever the problem, AAPC Direct provides a swift and decisive emergency support service for home users and businesses alike; don’t worry, we have the solution.