Home Computer Network

We offer a full range of technical services to help with all your home and business networking requirements. Whether you are looking for a basic network at home for sharing files and printers, DVD drives and access to the internet or a fully-fledged and secure corporate network, we can get you up and running in no time at all.

At one extreme, the networking products now on the market for use in the home are designed for simple plug-in activation, but this is a deceptively simple scenario. It leaves a gaping hole on the security front, especially when wireless products are being used, as they usually are nowadays. Our state-of-the-art software and expertise will help you plug the gaps in your home network security.

Our network support London services include sourcing, installation, configuration and full after-sales support of all hardware and software. This covers broadband ADSL, wireless and wired networks, with network and data security options and solutions for remote access.

With our team of experienced, fully qualified technicians on hand to sort out any issues with networks and the peripherals such as printers, smartphones, laptops and desktops, we guarantee around-the-clock service that is fast and effective to deal with your networking needs whatever they may be.

Parental controls, virus protection, email accounts and much more is available for the homeowner, whilst businesses can take advantage of our comprehensive services covering
everything from remote centre data supports to multiple-platform integration.