Small Business IT Support

Not every business needs full-time IT support in place. Small businesses – perhaps a sole trader or a small limited company – may find that they only need professional IT assistance from time to time. If this is the case then paying out for maintenance contracts is probably not the most cost-effective option.

The pay as you go service is ideal for this type of business and when it comes to IT support, London has some top professionals to ensure that the right level of assistance is provided. The good news is that the same standard of support is provided as for those who sign support contracts. The customer, however, simply pays for help when it is needed as a one-off service. There is no commitment to a contract, and assistance can be called for when required and paid for at that time. While larger businesses may want additional support such as equipment monitoring and virus checks carried out remotely, this is not something that is essential for all businesses and can make the pay as you go option a very attractive one.

When it comes to network support, London has everything a business needs. The terms of any pay as you go service can be agreed in advance, meaning that businesses are aware of what they are covered for and what is extra. Having the right IT support in place is essential for any business. As it can be obtained without paying over the odds, it makes sense to make IT support an integral part of any business.