PC and Laptop Computer Repairs Northolt

Commercial and Domestic PC Repairs

Are you looking for a company who can provide you with an exceptional PC and Laptop repair service in Northolt? Look no further than AA PC Fix who will ensure that your PC’s are in tip-top condition and is at optimal performance.

All our staff is highly trained in customer support and PC diagnostics and repairs to ensure that our customers get the right support the first time. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve all issues with PC problems and ensure our customers get a service they would recommend.

We provide our customers with one to one support with any type of problem you’re experiencing with your laptop or PC. Our engineers are always here to help you diagnose whatever problem you’re experiencing and we’re only one call away.

Are You Experiencing PC Computer Problems?

If you’re experiencing PC problems in Northolt do not hesitate to contact AA PC Fix our engineers will provide you with exceptional support to ensure that your PC is back up and running as it should in no time.

Here are a few common examples of problems that our customer’s experience:

Slow Loading Machines – If you’re having trouble getting your PC or laptop to complete a task quickly due to slow loading, it could be one of many reasons. They usually perform tasks slow because of the computer’s disk drive could be at 100% or viruses or malware is running in the background which is using up the disk space required to perform the tasks you’re trying to complete.

Computer Won’t Turn On – If your computer or laptop is not turning on then it could mean that you have an issue with the power pack or one of the other internal components within the computer.

Blue Screen – A blue screen can mean that something is wrong with a component inside the computer or the OS has become corrupt.

Pop-Ups – A pop-up is when a window or multiple appear when navigating the web, these pop-ups can be caused by malware on your PC and can affect the user ability of the computer.

My PC Won’t connect to the internet – When a PC won’t connect to the internet its not always a serious problem, there could be an issue with the software or the network card.

Computer Keeps Restarting – When a computer is stuck in a restart loop and will not load the OS system it is usually a sign that the OS has become corrupt.

Remote Business IT Support

We provide remote business IT support in Northolt where we help businesses keep their computers at optimal speed. ensuring that your IT systems are running smoothly and increasing the productivity of its users.

Data Recovery and Installation

Data recovery is a service which allows you to track down files that you have otherwise lost or have become corrupt. With data recovery services you can safeguard your businesses data. We also offer a Data installation service which can be done without having to visit your place of work.

PC and Network Installs

Our services provide you with a professional network installation and setup service including the installation of all software relevant to the network you’re installing. We take away the stress of setting up multiple computers and networks which can be done in and out of work hours to minimise disruption to your services.